Christmas Miracle

The Best Christmas Concert for the Whole Family!

The Christmas Miracle is a performance that combines classical music with a musical show so that anyone can enjoy. A special occasion for you to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and bask in the beautiful carols. This is the perfect way to conclude your eventful year.

WHEN 1st NOV. 2022 – 23rd DEC. 2022

WHERE 46 Cities of 33 Countries in Europe

PROGRAMS Christmas Musical , Music Performaces, Christmas Message

Is the non-profit association, which was founded in March of this year, makes contributions to refugee aid, and is particularly dedicated to Ukrainian youth. We are currently helping war refugees as a private distributor to make it easier for them to settle in European countries such as Germany, Poland, Hungary, etc. through various activities and events.

All actors are composed of YOUNG UKRAINIANS. Even though their country still is in a difficult situation, young generation of Ukraine didn’t lose their dream and hope. In christmas season, they will deliver hope and love to all Europeans and Ukainians who are living in various countries. 

Tour Schedule of NOVEMBER

City Tallinn Estonia Location


City Riga Latvia Location Laba vests , Rigas Vasarsvetku draudzes kristigais centrs


City Vilnius Lithuania Location Vilniaus universiteto Kultūros centras


City Warsaw Poland Location Białołęcki Ośrodek Kultury


City Berlin Gemany Location


City Praha Czech Location


Moments of Christmas Miracle

All donations will be used for the ‘Dream’ project

We will build a youth center in Ukraine.

Ukrainian students will be able to realize their dreams. After the war, Ukrainians will be able to recover not only physically, but also spiritually. This time, the city of Bucha became our partner, and we will build there International educational center “Mriya”.